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How do I get started?

Just “click” Agent Registration and submit your one-time agent registration (No FSBO’s please). You will be soon contacted to confirm your registry;… S.U.N. will activate your account within 24 hours;.. then simply login to request sign service.

How do I order a sign?

Upon login, go to Order Online;… use the easy “drop-down” menu to place your order. Please “click” Terms and Conditions prior to your request for any sign installation, sign removal, or sign service.

Can I “phone in” my request for sign service?

Please, no phone or faxed orders. Our experience is that errors, delayed installations, and lost signs are more likely to occur due to requests via phone or fax. Our website has been designed for convenience and assured accuracy. Please use www.SignUpNowonline.com for your sign request. Should you have any questions or concerns, call S.U.N. at XXX-XXX-XXXX;… ask for ________.

Upon ordering a sign, when will it be installed?

Typically, signs are installed within 2 business days. Our mission focus is to do the job ASAP! You can help us avoid delays by providing correct and sufficient information on the order form. Be aware that inclement weather, torrid temperatures, snow and frozen ground may “slow” the installation. Please remember that we respect and celebrate major holidays.

How do I know when my requested sign has been installed?

It’s so easy! Just go to our website and login. Immediately, a list will show all of your signs currently installed (Hint: This list may jog your memory to have a sign removed).

How do I pay?

Payment is done online via credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover.

What is your sign service area of delivery?

We serve most zip codes in Baltimore City, all zip codes in Baltimore County, and all zip codes in Harford County.

Why is zip code so important?

Obviously, our costs are less for signs installed within our service area ‘closer to home’. We therefore offer competitive, zip-adjusted pricing for zip codes nearby.  We gladly serve zip codes farther away, but we must consider our costs incurred due to tolls, traffic, time, gas, and distance. So, our price-to-install signs in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Harford County ranges from $38-$54 depending on the zip code. There’s no sign post to buy;… there’s no removal fee. For sign service requiring tolls, the price-to-install is $68. Please be aware that your request for sign service cannot be completed without the correct zip code. Perhaps, on a case-by-case basis, we can provide sign service in other nearby counties;… call ______ at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

What about neighborhood, city, or county restrictions, if any, regarding signs?

The assumption is that the listing agent should certainly be aware of any covenants or rules that would restrict or prohibit the placement of signs. Sign Up Now is not responsible for any costs or penalties incurred due to such restrictions. Please note that there may be an additional charge for lost signs due to neighborhood restrictions.

How do I specify any concerns regarding risk of damage to the Seller’s cable lines, sprinklers, “invisible” pet fences, drains, pipes, or other underground systems?

On the order form, it is expected and necessary that the listing agent give notification and specific instructions regarding any underground system. Upon such notification/instructions, the installer may want to contact the agent. To avoid the possibility of a digging mishap, the installer needs to know that the agent or Seller has clearly marked, staked, or flagged a desired safe and legal sign location. In short, … mark the spot where risk is not!  Without such notification/instructions, the installer’s judgment and “best guess” shall suffice to complete the installation. Sign Up Now is not responsible for damage to any underground system.

Why does Sign Up Now request the name and phone number of the property owner?

It’s not mandatory that we have the Seller’s contact information. Sometimes, upon arriving at the property, the installer may find a reason of concern; …i.e., a barking dog, special plantings, a locked gate. Thus, the installer may want to contact the property owner so as to complete the requested task.

Can the installation be scheduled on a specific day and time?

Due to our busy schedule, traffic route, and the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, a “specific” installation date cannot be guaranteed. For the same reasons, the installer cannot be scheduled to meet the agent nor property owner at a designated time. Should the agent or property owner have any special concerns, please indicate accordingly on the order form. Be assured that the installer will attempt to honor any concerns upon arrival at the property.

What if the property is a vacant parcel or “lot for sale”?

Please specify, on the order form, that the listed property is a vacant parcel or lot. Also, problems and repeated visits-to-install can be prevented if the proper sign location is indicated by mark, stake, or flag. A wooden stake is the preferred marker. It is suggested that the stake be placed near the side of the property (not centered) so as to avoid any forthcoming construction or equipment.

What happens if the property is temporarily off the market?

Please notify Sign Up Now if the property is temporarily off the market. Also, let us know the expected “off” time. The agent’s sign panel should remain attached to the post (otherwise, the post appears “abandoned” and thus subject to loss or damage). Please have Sign Up Now remove the sign if the property is to be off-market for more than 30 days. Should the listing expire or be withdrawn, please submit your removal request. Only Sign Up Now is authorized to remove the sign. Please ask the Seller to refrain from removing the sign.

What if the sign post needs to be moved to a better “spot”?

Without notification of a clearly marked, spot-specific sign location, the agent thereby agrees that the installer’s judgment and “best guess” shall suffice to complete the sign installation. Whether the installed sign should need to be moved from the spot-specific location or the installer’s chosen location, there is a charge to relocate/reinstall the existing sign. Obviously, if the installer has made an error with respect to the spot-specific request, there would be no charge to move the sign.

If the sign post/brochure box/’coming soon’ rider is lost or damaged due to agent error, is there an extra “lost” charge?

Yes. Typically, signs are lost or damaged due to incorrect property addresses, neighborhood restrictions, easements, temporary off-market status (more than 30 days),  and “forgotten” signs after a listing conveys, expires, or withdraws.  Also,  the “lost” charge shall apply when sign removal requests are sent to persons or sign companies other than Sign Up Now.;…  only Sign Up Now is authorized to remove the sign.

What about vandalized, damaged, and missing sign posts (not due to agent error)?

Sign Up Now will re-install another post at the agent’s request. Accordingly, an installation charge will apply. We ask that the agent use judgment before ordering another sign especially if vandalism, loss or damage is likely to occur. If vandalism, loss or damage should recur, an additional “lost” charge will apply.

How does S.U.N. keep the signs level, lean-proof and ‘looking-good’?

Thanks for noticing, but that’s our secret.