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Real Estate Sign Services

Sign Up Now, Inc. is a real estate sign installation and removal service that serves Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Harford County. We make the process of getting a sign to advertise your property both fast and easy. We take all of our sign orders online to keep everything in one place. You don’t even have to grab your phone or fire up the fax machine. Just place an order online for a real estate sign and we’ll install it within two business days. We strive to have all of our real estate signs up in this time frame, but inclement weather can potentially slow the process. We also celebrate major holidays. Rest assured that once you place the order online, your real estate sign will be up as soon as possible.

Once you create an account on our website, you can keep track of all of your signs that are currently installed through our real estate sign database. Once the installation of a sale sign is complete, its status will be updated in your account. This account also makes it easy to request for your sign to be removed if you’ve sold the property.

Prices for real estate sign installation range from $38-$54 depending on the location of the sign. With Sign Up Now, Inc., you’re not buying the real estate sign, just the installation. There’s also no real estate sign removal fee for your convenience. Before you make a request for sign installation, make sure you have the correct location and zip code, and also be aware of any rules that might prohibit the installation of signs in the area you’ve chosen. Sign Up Now, Inc. is not responsible for any fines incurred by installation of a sign in an area where signs are prohibited.

When you request a real estate sign installation, you can also specify the exact location on the property where you want the sign installed. Be sure to notify us as to any locations on the property where the sign should not be installed due to underground pipes, cables, invisible fences, or other systems which could be damaged by the installation of a sign. If you don’t give us a specific location, we’ll use our best judgment as to the location of the sign. Vandalism can be a concern with real estate signs, so factor this in when choosing the location for your sign. If a real estate sign is vandalized, we will replace it for the charge of installation.

Sign Up Now, Inc. is your choice for real estate signs for realtors and real estate signs for agents in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Harford County. We offer quick installation of sale signs and free removal of sale signs. Our online system makes it easy for you to keep track of all the signs that you have installed, and makes it easy for you to request that they be removed. For all of your residential real estate sign needs, you can trust Sign Up Now, Inc.